Asian games 2018: inventive Gymnastics - girls. China dominant, Dipa Karmakar finishes 5th in stability Beam.

Asian games 2018: inventive Gymnastics – girls. China dominant, Dipa Karmakar finishes 5th in stability Beam.

Asian games 2018: inventive Gymnastics – girls. China dominant, Dipa Karmakar finishes 5th in stability Beam.

chinese language group dominated the group experience claiming GoldWomen’s team Finals

The chinese language team whitewashed the crew event as they stayed 8 aspects away from their nearest rival North Korea. They decimated the second and third-positioned groups by means of scoring closely in the steadiness Beam and the flooring activities.

The North Korean team took the Silver medal even though they had a disastrous campaign on the ground self-discipline. Their performance on the Uneven Bars and Vault ensured that they regained lost floor to hold their place within the precise 3.

Japan took the Bronze by way of losing out on the Silver by way of 0.200 features. but both Japan and North Korea were 7 points clear of the 4th positioned team South Korea.

The Indians had a negative campaign in the Finals as they had been no longer capable of replicate their qualifying rankings which might have put them within the 5th position. Their performance on the steadiness Beam became poor as they have been down by 4 aspects from their qualification score. Dipa Karmakar coming off from an extended harm lay off become not in a position to put up her optimum exhibit on the video games. The different Indian’s did more advantageous than Dipa however had been too apprehensive as they’d competed of their first Finals. they’d do smartly with extra journey of participating in foreign events.

girls’s crew Finals

First – China: standard score one hundred sixty five.250 Vault 41.450 – 2nd, Uneven bars forty one.650 – 1st, stability beam 42.850 – 1st, floor 39.300 – 1st.

2nd – North Korea: typical rating 157.350 Vault forty one.350 – 3rd, Uneven bars 40.300 – 2nd, balance beam 39.250 – 3rd, floor 36.450 – 3rd.

Third – Japan: average rating 157.150 Vault hundred – 4th, Uneven bars 38.500 – 4th, balance beam 39.350 – 2nd, flooring 38.600 – 2nd.

7th location – India: typical rating 138.050 Vault 40.350 – seventh, Uneven bars 32.400 – seventh, steadiness beam 32.four hundred – sixth, floor 34.150 – seventh.

girls’s team Qualification:

First – China: universal score 166.a hundred Vault forty one.500 – 3rd, Uneven bars 43.650 – 1st, balance beam forty three.350 – 1st, floor 37.600 – third.

2nd – North Korea: common ranking 158.500 Vault hundred – 1st, Uneven bars 40.650 – 2nd, steadiness beam 38.200 – 2nd, flooring 37.550 – 4th.

Third – South Korea: typical score one hundred fifty five.300 Vault forty one.650 – 2nd, Uneven bars 38.800 – 4th, steadiness beam 36.850 – 3rd, flooring 38.000 – 2nd.

seventh location – India: typical rating 144.300 Vault 40.350 – 4th, Uneven bars 33.600 – seventh, steadiness beam 36.500 – 4th, flooring 33.850 – 9th.

girls’s individual All-round:

The chinese gymnasts exerted their category within the all-around discipline and took the Gold and Silver. They had been 2 points away from their North Korean competitor who took home the Bronze. chinese language Yile Chen had a brilliant ranking on the steadiness Beam which compensated for his or her normal efficiency on the floor.

Dipa and Aruna were unable to be constant in all the disciplines and misplaced out in the reckoning of a desirable eight conclude.

Yile Chen of China pocketed the individual all around Gold

Gold – Yile Chen CHN usual ranking fifty five.950 Vault 13.800, Uneven bars 14.200, balance beam 14.800, ground 13.150.

Silver – Huan Luo CHN average rating 54.550 Vault 13.700, Uneven bars 14.600, stability beam 14.100, flooring hundred fifty.

Bronze – Su Jong Kim PRK ordinary ranking 53.600 Vault 14.300, Uneven bars 13.500, balance beam 13.a hundred, floor 12.700.

thirteenth area – Dipa Karmakar IND usual ranking forty hundred Vault 13.450, Uneven bars eleven.200, balance beam 12.750, flooring eleven.300.

sixteenth vicinity – Aruna Budda Reddy IND common ranking 47.900 Vault 13.400, Uneven bars eleven.400, steadiness beam eleven.850, ground eleven.250.


Korea’s Seojeong Yeo took the Gold in Vault with a consistent performance within the Finals. Chusivitina of Uzbekistan clinched the Silver from the North Korean with an dazzling screen within the Finals. Rye Yong Pyon PRK, had a 0.3 deduction, which ended her campaign with a Bronze.

Aruna performed below ordinary on the Vault and would have adored to have a very good execution on her first vault which might have placed her in the 5th location.

Pranati became too nervous in her first vault as she fell face first on landing in her first attempt which gave her a 0.three deduction. although, she came returned strongly on her 2d effort but ended up within the eighth region.

Seojeong Yeo KOR vaulted her option to Gold

Finals: Gold – Seojeong Yeo KOR 14.387 Vault 1 – issue 5.800, Execution 8.725, ranking 14.525; Vault 2 – issue 5.400, Execution eight.850, score 14.250, Silver – Oksana Chusovitina UZB 14.287 Vault 1 – problem 5.four hundred, Execution 8.950, rating 14.350; Vault 2 – issue 5.200, Execution 9.025, score 14.225, Bronze – Rye Yong Pyon PRK 13.875 Vault 1 – problem 5.800, Execution 7.825, Penalty -0.300, score 13.325; Vault 2 – issue 5.800, Execution eight.625, score 14.425. seventh location – Aruna Budda Reddy IND 12.775 Vault 1 – problem four.600, Execution 7.525, rating 12.a hundred twenty five; Vault 2 – problem 4.800, Execution eight.625, ranking 13.425, 8th vicinity – Pranati Nayak IND 12.650 Vault 1 – problem 5.600, Execution 7.425, Penalty -0.300, rating 12.725; Vault 2 – problem four.400, Execution hundred seventy five, ranking 12.575.

outcomes Qualification: First – Seojeong Yeo KOR 14.450 Vault 1 – difficulty 5.800, Execution 8.800, rating 14.600; Vault 2 – difficulty 5.four hundred, Execution eight.900, ranking 14.300, second – Rye Yong Pyon PRK 14.275 Vault 1 – issue 5.400, Execution eight.900, ranking 14.300; Vault 2 – issue 5.800, Execution eight.550, Penalty -0.a hundred, ranking 14.250, Third – Oksana Chusovitina UZB 14.200 Vault 1 – difficulty 5.four hundred, Execution 8.900, ranking 14.300; Vault 2 – problem 5.200, Execution eight.900, score 14.a hundred, 6th vicinity – Pranati Nayak IND 13.425 Vault 1 – issue 5.600, Execution eight.200, Penalty -0.300, score 13.500; Vault 2 – difficulty 4.800, Execution eight.550, score 13.350, seventh region – Aruna Budda Reddy IND 13.350 Vault 1 – difficulty 5.000, Execution 8.500, Penalty -0.100, score 13.four hundred; Vault 2 – problem 4.800, Execution eight.500, rating 13.300, 8th region – Dipa Karmakar IND 13.225 Vault 1 – difficulty 5.four hundred, Execution 8.350, Penalty -0.300, ranking 13.450; Vault 2 – difficulty 5.600, Execution 7.500, Penalty -0.a hundred, rating 13.000.

Uneven Bars:

chinese language asserted their supremacy by using claiming each the Gold and Silver with ease. North Korean Jan Mi Jon took the Bronze three points away from the japanese Gymnast.

Tingting Liu CHN claimed the Uneven Bars Gold

Finals: Gold – Tingting Liu CHN 14.600 problem 6.000, Execution 8.600, Silver – Huan Luo CHN 14.225 problem 6.000, Execution 8.225, Bronze – Jang Mi Jon PRK 14.200 issue 5.800, Execution eight.four hundred.

effects Qualification: First – Tingting Liu CHN 14.850 problem 6.600, Execution 9.400, 2d – Huan Luo CHN 14.600 issue 6.200, Execution 8.950, Third – Yile Chen CHN 14.200 difficulty 6.four hundred, Execution hundred, 23rd location – Aruna Budda Reddy IND eleven.four hundred problem 3.800, Execution 7.600, 27th region – Dipa Karmakar IND eleven.200 difficulty 4.200, Execution 7.000, 30th area – Pranati Das IND eleven.000 difficulty 3.900, Execution 7.100, 36th location – Pranati Nayak IND 10.200 problem 4.000, Execution 6.200.

balance Beam:

North Korean Su Jong Kim denied a chinese 1-2 with an exemplary performance on the Beam. She took the Silver simply 0.075 points ahead of her chinese language compatriot Jin Zhang.

Dipa impressed each person with a stunning routine as she landed everything near superb on the Beam with moderate flaws which earned her an execution ranking of 7.5.

YileChen CHN received Gold on the Beam. her third medal on the games

Finals: Gold – Yile Chen CHN 14.600 problem 6.200, Execution 8.four hundred, Silver – Su Jong Kim PRK 13.four hundred difficulty 5.200, Execution eight.200, Bronze – Jin Zhang CHN 13.325 problem 5.800, Execution 7.525. fifth region – Dipa Karmakar IND 12.500 problem 5.000, Execution 7.500.

consequences Qualification: First – Yile Chen CHN 14.800 issue 6.300, Execution 8.500, second – Jin Zhang CHN 14.500 difficulty 5.800, Execution eight.650, Third – Huan Luo CHN 14.a hundred issue 6.000, Execution hundred, seventh location – Dipa Karmakar IND 12.750 difficulty 5.000, Execution 7.750, nineteenth place – Pranati Das IND eleven.900 issue 4.four hundred, Execution 7.500, twenty first location – Aruna Budda Reddy IND 11.850 difficulty four.400, Execution 7.450, 46th area – 22 12 months historical Mandira Chowdhury IND 10.350 issue 4.400, Execution 6.050, Penalty -0.a hundred.

ground routine:

The ground activities yielded low rankings in the Finals as they Gymnasts did have some reservations on the soar of the flooring. The chinese were denied a medal during this adventure as they had to be content material with the fifth position. Indonesia had a 2nd medal through Rifda Irfanaluthfi.

Su Jong Kim PRK received Gold on the floor photograph Courtesy: Youtube

Finals: Gold – Su Jong Kim PRK 13.025 problem 5.300, Execution 7.725, Silver – Rifda Irfanaluthfi INA 12.750 problem 5.000, Execution 7.750, Bronze – Shio Nakaji JPN 12.600 difficulty four.800, Execution 7.800.

consequences Qualification: Equal First – Yile Chen CHN 13.a hundred and fifty problem 5.000, Execution eight.a hundred and fifty, Equal First – Shiho Nakaji JPN 13.150 issue 5.000, Execution hundred fifty, Third – Seojeong Yeo KOR 12.900 problem 5.300, Execution 7.600, 28th place – 25 year old Dipa Karmakar IND eleven.300 problem four.200, Execution hundred, thirtieth place – 21 12 months historic Pranati Das IND 11.300 difficulty four.300, Execution 7.000, thirty second vicinity – 22 12 months old Aruna Budda Reddy IND eleven.250 difficulty 4.000, Execution 7.250, thirty ninth vicinity – 23 year old Pranati Nayak IND 10.750 issue 4.200, Execution 6.650, Penalty -0.100.

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